2022 NASA's Astrophoto Challenge (Summer)

1 May 2022
31 Jul 2022

2022 NASA's Astrophoto Challenge (Summer)

The summer 2022 NASA's Astrophoto Challenges wll take place May 1, 2022 through July 31, 2022.

The season's target has not yet been anounced.

Try your hand at processing images from NASA's space telescopes, or capture and process your own!

Visit the NASA’s Astrophoto Challenges page for more detail on how to work with NASA data from past challenges.



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NASA’s Astrophoto Challenge invites you to try out your image-processing skills in two ways: You may use the raw data from a space-based telescope or capture new telescope data with the MicroObservatory Robotic Telescope Network. Next, you’ll use the JS9-4L tool to process the image. Enter either challenge – or both – and the MicroObservatory and NASA's Universe of Learning team could select your work as a standout entry for feedback from NASA scientists!

Visit the NASA’s Astrophoto Challenges page for detailed instructions to enter either challenge.