Girls STEAM Ahead:
2019 Survey

Celebrate Science and Women’s History Month with NASA Partners in Science Learning

NASA STEM learning partners are celebrating National Women’s History Month with the Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA project (formerly the NASA Science4Girls and Their Families initiative). 

Libraries are encouraged to partner with the NASA’s Universe of Learning STEM learning and literacy program throughout the year to empower women’s success – especially in science – starting from when they are young.  

Libraries will have the opportunity to host events related to NASA’s scientific explorations of the Universe during Women’s History Month and beyond.  These events are open to all family members, regardless of gender, but focus on engaging girls in science using field-tested, hands-on activities.

Help your community explore the wonders of NASA astrophysics, and celebrate the contributions of women to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)! Complete this survey by June 20 to participate in Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA this summer or early fall.

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