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Celebrate Science and Women’s History Month with NASA Science Education Partners

NASA’s Universe of Learning astronomy education program is celebrating National Women’s History Month with the expanded Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA project (formerly the NASA Science4Girls and Their Families initiative).

Libraries are encouraged to partner with NASA's Universe of Learning science education program throughout the spring to empower women’s success – especially in science – starting from when they are young. Libraries will have the opportunity to host events related to NASA’s scientific explorations of the Universe during Women’s History Month. These events are open to all family members, regardless of gender, but focus on engaging girls in science using field-tested, hands-on activities.

Over the last 5 years, the pilot initiative NASA Science4Girls and Their Families was successfully introduced into over 70 libraries nationwide. This year, we hope to expand our reach to your library and the girls who visit. Programming resources for this year include coding workshops, astronomy exhibits, hands-on astronomy activities, and discussions with NASA scientists and engineers.

The first events for Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA kick off during Women’s History Month in March, and will continue through the spring/summer. Help your community explore the wonders of NASA science, and celebrate the contribution of women to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)!

The resources below include field-tested, hands-on activities that have been shown engaging for girls, exhibits that complement your girl-inspiring programming, and professional development opportunities for your staff. Your Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA event may choose to focus on one resource, or feature several of these resources to flesh out your Women’s History Month programming.


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Available Resources



The NASA Astrophysics community has designed many exhibits for use in libraries and informal education venues. Exhibits are available in the Exhibit section of Community Programs. Here are ones we recommend for complementing your Girls STEAM Ahead events:



Need something to help draw attention to your Women’s History Month programming, something inspirational for your teen space, or an addition to the Biographies section? Posters are available in the Poster section of Community Programs. Here are a few resources to help with your event:


Data Tools

Engage in the process of science using NASA Astrophysics data. Activities are available from the Data Tools page. Here are a few resources to help with your event:




We offer a variety of webinars to help library staff explore new hands-on activities, learn about best practices for engaging girls, and hear from NASA scientists and engineers. Can’t make it to one of these seminars? We are happy to arrange additional webinars around your time, interests, and needs – just contact us at the address listed below.

February 2, 2017 (3:30pm ET)

Museum Alliance Science Briefing featuring an astronaut, astrophysicists, and great resources to engage girls at your library.

February 15, 2017 (3pm ET)

NASA @My Library and STAR_Net hosts a webinar featuring an activity librarians can use in their Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA event!

March 7, 2017 (3pm ET)

The Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA team hosts a webinar featuring exhibits to complement your Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA programming. We discuss the range of exhibits, how to obtain them, and how to incorporate them into your Women’s History Month programming.
Email Carolyn Slivinski for access instructions.


Media Template Package

Media and Event Resources

Below are resources to assist you in the promotion and execution of your Girls STEAM Ahead With NASA event. Standard language is provided, with space to fill in your unique information. Using the standard badges and language will unite your event with others across the nation.

Photo Releases

Please use Media Release Forms for any photos you might take to document the event. Remember to have a guardian sign one for children, too. Photos without faces (for example, from behind or over a shoulder) do not need a release.


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