STEAM Programs - Cerritos Library

Cerritos, CA



Cerritos Library created and implemented a variety of programs to engage the community in STEAM activities.  They included Robotics Night, Astronomy Night, Family Science Night, for families and Science-N-Play, and Art-In-Science after school for elementary school age children. The poster exhibits offered information to the everyday visitor; while providing a way to spark interest and promote the new STEAM programing the library provided.



  1. Offer quality and engaging STEAM classes and activities for the community.

  2. Inspire participants and show the relationship that math and science have with creativity, invention and problem solving.


The target audience for the hour-long afterschool programs were girls ages 6 to 12.  Specifically, the Science-N-Play program was designed for ages 6 to 7 and the Art-In-Science was designed for ages 8 to 12.  The Robotics Night, Astronomy Night, Family Science Night were designed to engage families both young and old, providing an opportunity for all family members to learn together. 

Recommendations for future implementations

Use NASA Wavelength for ideas and lesson plans. Use the exhibit posters. They are easy to print and display and they supplemented the programming nicely.