Space STEM Live - Frontiers of Flight Museum

Dallas, TX



Space STEM Live! is an exciting, interactive, and educational event where guests participate in a variety of Universe of Learning activities. Utilizing everyday supplies mixed with a few event-specific materials, educators and volunteers inspire participants for four hours leading up to a special speaker sharing their own scientific discoveries.


VIDEO: “Space STEM Live!” event highlights at the Frontiers of Flight Museum, March 16, 2018



  1. Reach underserved populations and engage them in scientific discoveries.

  2. Encourage young women to get excited about STEM fields.

  3. Foster multi-generational learning and excitement in STEM.


The target audience for this program was general audiences with emphasis on families with young children and teens.

Recommendations for future implementations

Marketing is strongly recommended; all prep will be worthless if people don’t hear about the event and know to come.