Spectrum of Water: Quest for Another Earth - Kopernik Observatory & Science Center

Vestal, NY



This workshop is designed to engage young girls underrepresented in STEM fields to discover & explore Exoplanets-Earthlike worlds in other star systems. Using resources from NASA’s Great Observatories (Chandra, Hubble, and Spitzer) as well as the Herschel and Kepler Space Telescopes, students learned about the tools scientists use to explore the universe and what they have learned so far. The workshop included hands-on activities including “Decoding Starlight” and “Recoloring the Universe”. The students, using various art supplies, created images and models of an exoplanetary world.



  1. Give young women a sense of understanding that they can succeed in exploring the universe.

  2. Provide young women the opportunity to learn the tools of science, so they can understand the universe better and have the confidence to fulfill their dreams.


For this program the target audience was female elementary age participants ranging from grades 4 - 8 to encourage more young women to enter STEM fields. The content and activities were segmented into two grade-related levels (4-5, 6-8).