Our Hidden Universe - Maryland Science Center

Baltimore, MD



Our Hidden Universe is a hands-on planetarium show. Participants are given a kit of materials and encouraged to use these materials to make observations throughout the show. The show focuses on the various tools that can be used to observe and interpret the planets and stars, and how the continued development of observational tools allows us to expand our knowledge of the planets and star.



  1. Have audiences be a part of an interactive planetarium workshop.

  2. Encourage expanded knowledge of the planets and stars.

  3. Reach and engage wider audiences unfamiliar with astronomy.


This program engaged audiences from the general public and homeschool networks.

Recommendations for future implementations

For this program, it is recommended to create a system for passing out and receiving back interactive materials. Because planetariums are dark, it is equally important to develop a system to describe which materials should be used throughout the show and how the guests will know that they are using the correct material. When developing the program, allow for flexibility to best accommodate varying age groups, interest levels, and audience numbers.