Universe of Learning: Posters & Programs - The Museum of Flight

Seattle, WA



The program encompassed three separate events: free first Thursday event that focused on astronomy/astrophysics, space themed family workshops, and a Winter Break Blast Off media distribution.



  1. To introduce all learners to the past and present of all aspects of space exploration.

  2. To create an understanding of where we have been, including an emphasis on exoplanet exploration, and where we are going.

  3. Use history as a filter to develop a broader understanding of STEM and the ability for learners to see themselves in these fields


The targeted audience for this program are underserved and underrepresented populations including groups from economically challenged, New American/English as a New Language learners, and geographically disadvantaged communities.

Recommendations for future implementations

This program encourages a certain level of spontaneity and willingness to try new things to reach wider audiences. Universe of Learning provides effective resources and for this type of program it is recommended to curate the myriad offerings and resources for your specific audience/organization.

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