Teen Cosmos Collective - North Carolina Museum of Life and Science

Durham, NC



The Teen Cosmos Collective is a 10-week program for students seeking to enhance their science communication and literacy skills. Throughout the multi-week program, participants were able to engage with experts in astronomy, facilitation, and exhibit engineer role models. These role models worked one-on-one with the participants and encouraged seeking deep space topics that most excited them. Through this, the participants were able to develop exhibit proposals and facilitated interactive experiences that showcased their content creation.



  1. Connect participants to community content experts.

  2. Develop participants’ skills as effective science communicators.

  3. Provide a fun, safe space for participants to explore their interests.

    Encourage participants to use good research techniques to further investigate their own areas of interest..


The target audience of this program was underrepresented teen audiences in STEM fields.

Recommendations for future implementations

For future iterations of this program, it is recommended that interested teens be scheduled for in person interviews during the application process. Due to the low level of prior knowledge in astronomy, the program should edit the 10-week layout to better meet participant shortfalls and create more understanding of hard concept terminology related to this field. With the targeted audience being traditionally underserved in STEM, there should be a strong emphasis to reach out to mentors that reflect participant backgrounds.