Artful Exoplanets: Creating Imaginary Worlds - Springfield Museum of Art

Springfield, OH



Springfield Museum of Art partnered with The Dome: Center for Innovation and Clark County Juvenile Detention Center to provide 2 one-week sessions of summer programming. Artful Exoplanets: Creating Imaginary Worlds used NASA interactives to teach the participants about the universe and generate ideas for art making.



  1. To inspire and foster positive outlook towards STEM fields in underserved populations.

  2. To guide students in exploring known exoplanets, their habitable zones and the likelihood of life on those planets along with creating imaginary life and worlds beyond our own.


Severely disadvantaged middle school aged children in Springfield, Ohio.

Recommendations for future implementations

For this age group and audience it is recommended to prepared more offerings than you think they will have time for due to the different way’s children work and their attention spans.