Space Art Explorations (Children's Creativity)

Children's Creativity

San Francisco, CA


Overview Description

Space Art Explorations is a prototype STEAM festival specifically designed for children’s museums interested in space science. The 3 hands-on activities of Space Art Explorations: Nebulae Spin Art, Shaving Cream Nebula Prints, and Hot Wax Nebula Creations, can be used separately or together by educators to add astrophysics content to their ongoing programming. These are facilitated activities with advanced preparation, clean-up, and consumables. A small amount of background knowledge on nebulae is included for each activity and embedded in the provided signage.



  1. To encourage curiosity and exploration through multiple senses.

  2. Explore new avenues to present astrophysical data via 3D printed objects.

  3. Provide more opportunity for engagement among guests that may be tactile learners or have visual impairment.


The target audience for this program model is families with young children. The associated activities are designed to be attractive to children's museums working with children 4 and up.

Recommendations for future implementations

Subject matter experts are great additions to any event. Although they are not necessary to run these programs, local volunteers with experience in astronomy (amateur or professional) could benefit organizations thinking about using these materials.

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