Join Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA to celebrate the women in STEM and NASA astrophysics.

Help your community explore the wonders of NASA science, and celebrate the contributions of women to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)! Don’t forget to request your own subject matter expert when planning your Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA event. Our experts will provide opportunities for your audience to interact with them, while learning about new discoveries in the universe and what it means to “do science.”

Libraries and community-based organizations are invited to collaborate with the NASA's Universe of Learning informal education program and partners to empower women’s success – especially in science – starting when they are young. Through Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA, venues may host events, work with subject matter experts, and display exhibits. Events and resources are available and open to all family members, but focus on engaging girls by using field-tested activities and strategies.

Your Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA event is completely customizable. It may focus on one resource or feature several to complement girl-serving or staff development programs. Resources include STEM activities, astronomy exhibits and posters, and discussions with NASA scientists and engineers. We encourage you to continue girl-inspiring programming all year long!

Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA resources are detailed below and in this summary document (resumen de los recursos).


Youth wearing a pair of solar eclipse glasses looking at something held up by the presenter.
Captivate the Imagination of Girls and their Families

Events using free NASA resources

Image of a Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA Flyer with a collection of small photographs of masked and unmasked people posing for the picture at the bottom
STEAM Ahead with NASA Astrolympics

SUNY Schenectady County Community College CSTEP Program, Oct. 28, 2021

Young masked child holding up a long ruler along a wall
STEAM Ahead with NASA Astrolympics Event

SUNY Schenectady County Community College CSTEP Program, Oct. 28, 2021

Small child holding a marker as they draw a line on a black drawing pad.
Starry Saturday Event

South Dakota Discovery Center, Sept. 11, 2021

Collage of young kids holding up paper with colored grid boxes or handmade bracelets.
Destination Space

Event using Decoding Starlight and Binary Bracelet Activities. Williamson County 4-H TN/ University of Tennessee Extension, Sept. 26, 2020.


Girls STEM Activities: Engage youth in the process of science using NASA Astrophysics data, with activities designed to encourage exploration of our universe and how we know what we know. Computer-based activities may be available.

Girls STEAM Ahead WebinarsGirls STEAM Ahead with NASA collaborates with library and community-based networks to offer a variety of webinars throughout the year to help informal educators explore new activities, learn best practices for engaging girls, and hear from NASA scientists and engineers. Need a webinar on a specific theme or activity? Please let us know by emailing us at

Exhibits: The NASA Astrophysics community has designed many exhibits for use in libraries and informal education venues. Exhibits may be downloaded and printed. Physical copies are available for rotation on a limited basis. Details about sizing and dimensions specifications for the exhibits can be found here.

PostersNeed to draw attention to your girl-serving programming or want to add inspiration to your teen space? Download and print posters! Printed posters may be available in limited supply for official Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA events.

Resource Guides: Use these guides from NASA’s Universe of Learning to explore additional resources organized by topic. You can find background reading material, multimedia assets, videos, graphics, and much more in these curated guides.

Multimedia: Share the beauty of the universe at your event by including astronomy images from AstroPix, videos and interactives from ViewSpace, or stunning visualizations.

Professional Development Resources: As you plan your event, use these NASA’s Universe of Learning resources to learn from our subject matter experts as they explain different astrophysics topics from stars, exoplanets, to galaxies and beyond: Science Briefing Professional Learning Webinars, "Ask an Astronomer Live” Virtual Science Talks, and more.



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