ViewSpace is a science exhibit designed for informal learning environments


ViewSpace is a web-based, self-updating exhibit that presents the latest discoveries in our quest to understand the universe, from the search for evidence of life beyond Earth to the fundamental understanding of the how the universe works and its ultimate fate.  Its beautiful imagery and captivating stories help ViewSpace engage visitors of varying backgrounds and experiences.




ViewSpace has hundreds of partner locations throughout the US and the world

Suitable for spaces large and small, ViewSpace is a flexible product used in many types of spaces. Some of our partners build dedicated mini-theaters, while others integrate ViewSpace directly into exhibits.

The map below illustrates locations where ViewSpace can be found.  Clicking on the red markers will reveal venue information. Note: The map is optimized for desktop viewing.

The Google Map above is displaying in an iframe. If your browser doesn't support iframe please find the map on ViewSpace's Google MyMap.


Interactive experiences and over 10 hours of continuously looping presentations

Celestial Tours

In-depth presentations explore a wide variety of intriguing astronomy subjects

News From the Universe

The latest news and images from NASA space missions

 Image from video about gravitational lensing, illustrating how the power of gravity can distort distant points of light into arcs.

Science Themes

Each theme compiles several short segments investigating one interesting topic in astronomy or Earth science

 Visible vs. infrared image slider example showing the Pillars of Creation (M16)

Interactive Tools

Using a second system, users can complement their viewing experience by accessing interactive tools to explore the cosmos through difference wavelengths



Enjoy a wide range of space and Earth-science programs for use as an exhibit or pre-engagement activity

NASA Astrophysics science missions contribute to ViewSpace to deliver breathtaking views of the cosmos, forever altering our understanding of the universe and our place in it. Now your audiences can join this great journey of exploration as never before.