UoL Projects

Our team has released distinctive and inspiring informal learning activities appropriate for diverse audiences. Examples include taking and developing telescope images, watching 3D visualizations or videos about astronomical topics, exploring a range of photos from space- and ground-based telescopes, and in-person and online events and activities you can adapt to your space and audience needs. We also offer professional training opportunities to informal educators. Below, we sample a few of the amazing ways you can explore the universe and help audiences apply the scientific process through NASA’s Universe of Learning projects.

Illustration of a hand holding a glowing ball
Accessible Learning Resources

Find an array of accessible learning materials to support a variety of learners.

AstroPix logo with Crab Nebula image in background

Find thousands of images collected from telescopes in space and on the ground on this easy-to-search site.

Multi-wavelength view of the Whirlpool Galaxy

Watch visualizations of cosmic objects that tell multiwavelength science stories and create 3D astronomy experiences.

Illustration of a space telescope above earth with zeros and ones in the background
Data Manipulation

Join workshops and find resources about coding and 3D printing that use authentic NASA datasets to share with your audiences.

Illustration of an exoplanet
DIY Planet Search

Learn how to take your own measurements of known exoplanets and contribute them to the DIY Planet Search Community.

A cropped portion of the TRAPPIST-1 Exoplanet Travel Bureau poster
Exoplanet Watch

Help NASA observe distant worlds around other stars by using a modest backyard telescope and camera to trace tiny, faint shadows cast by exoplanets as they cross the faces of their stars.

Girls STEAM Ahead Logo
Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA

Join Girls STEAM Ahead with NASA to celebrate the women in STEM and NASA astrophysics.

children looking up and pointing
Informal Learning Network

Connect to our resources to tailor and implement program models that are specific to your audiences.

Telescope used by the MicroObservatory

Investigate the wonders of the deep sky by commanding a ground-based robotic telescope and process the image with MicroObservatory’s JS9-4L tool.

Multi-wavelength view of M82 Galaxy
NASA's Astrophoto Challenges

Try your hand at processing images from NASA's space telescopes, or capture and process your own!

Science Olympiad logo
National Science Olympiad

Help learners participate in regional, state, and/or national Science Olympiad tournaments or incorporate our activities into your own events.

Illustration of several planets and spectra
Science Briefings

Attend ongoing professional learning experiences that cover a range of science topics and allow plenty of time for informal educators to ask questions.

Closeup view of the Webb Telescope
Teachable Moments
Make NASA discoveries relevant and engaging to learners everywhere.
Universe Unplugged logo
Universe Unplugged

Explore science topics in playful videos that are rooted in real astronomy or join a monthly “Live Chat” with astronomers.

Viewspace logo above Earth image

A free, web-based collection of digital interactives and videos highlighting the latest developments in astronomy.