Exploring the world of science through hands-on programming that helps prepare student teams to compete in National Science Olympiad annual competitions.

Science Olympiad employs cross-cutting concepts in all of its standards-aligned events, building 21st century skill sets essential to today’s science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workforce. NASA’s Universe of Learning, in strategic partnership with the National Science Olympiad, support the space science events by developing and providing materials and resources that target teams, coaches, event supervisors, and state directors. Participants are guided as they explore NASA Astrophysics data via the JS9-4L data tool, topical videos, and talks by subject matter experts, which helps them develop skills and knowledge to ultimately compete in National Science Olympiad annual competitions.

NASA’s Universe of Learning also supports the National Science Olympiad’s Urban Initiative, which is designed for youth in high-need, underserved regions through the establishment of after-school National Science Olympiad programs.


Science Olympiad Video for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope